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The client is responsible for making payments timely to avoid any penalty & interest or other costs due to untimely payment. Serious penalties & interests and other costs may accrue if deadlines required by law are not met. Information regarding these deadlines can be found elsewhere. However, a client's misunderstanding of any information will not constitute grounds for waiver of additional costs assessed due to late payments. Should you have any doubt concerning information regarding your payments, we recommend that you consult the Midland CSCD Office or your legal representative. Should you make an online payment, you must print and retain a confirmation of that payment. This confirmation is available for printing after you make a payment and the time and date thereon is the time your payment was accepted by the online system. The time and date of that confirmation will be the date of the payment regardless of when it is downloaded to the Midland CSCD Office host computer. After your payment is downloaded to the Midland CSCD Office host computer, you will receive an official receipt as provided by State law.

The Midland CSCD Office & Hamer Enterprises website makes no guarantees, promises or warranties regarding the accuracy of the information provided in this site. Clients should be especially cautious regarding amounts due from midnight until 8:00 am daily. Balances should be considered unreliable during these hours. During this period updates are being made to and from the host computer.

The Midland CSCD Office & the state of Texas for which they collect and the processor of electronic payments assume no responsibility should incorrect information be entered by the client.